Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in San Francisco

Signs of elder abuse at a San Francisco nursing home can be difficult to notice unless you are aware of what to look for. Physical signs of abuse are easier to spot while emotional or verbal abuse can be more difficult.  Our San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm works with you to recognize nursing home abuse signs and then to further protect your loved ones.

Types of San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse

Victims of elder abuse may be subjected to neglect or physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse that can be detrimental to their health.

In physical or sexual abuse, you may notice bruising, broken bones and other unexplained injuries as well as torn or bloody underwear and unexplained STDs. Neglect abuse includes unsanitary living conditions, failure to receive food, clothing or assistance in personal hygiene.  Victims of these types of abuse often have bedsores on their bodies that are dangerous and can lead to future infection and death.

Victims of emotional or verbal abuse usually do not have any visible signs of neglect, however, their personality and behavior may change. Verbally or emotionally abused patients often exhibit unusual behaviors such as biting or rocking as well as are emotionally upset or withdrawn from others.

If you notice any signs of physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional or neglect abuse, contact our San Francisco Elder Abuse Attorneys for more information on how to provide the victim with the compensation and care that they deserve.