Elder Abuse Nursing Home Patient’s Rights

As a resident of a San Francisco nursing home, you are entitled to a written bill of rights which informs both the resident and their family members of what their rights are during their stay. If a nursing home fails to abide by these rights, the nursing home will liable for any injuries or abuse. Part of the patient’s rights is to be allowed access to an ombudsman or a San Francisco Elder Abuse Attorney whenever they want.

What are my patient’s rights?

Each San Francisco nursing home’s patient’s rights may be worded differently, but all state the basics which include the right to a clean room, the right to privacy and dignity during medical or personal situations as well as the right to be treated fairly, without abuse.  Medicare states that resident’s of nursing homes have the right should include the right to respect, services and fees, money, privacy and medical care.

When to contact an Elder Abuse Lawyer

If you know someone whose patient’s rights have been violated or they are the victim of elder abuse, contact a knowledgeable San Francisco Elder Abuse Lawyers. Our attorneys will inform you of what elder abuse laws could pertain to the case and will make sure that you will receive the compensation that the victim deserves.