San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer – Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs of San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse?

Signs of elder abuse can include visible indications such as open wounds, bumps or bruises as well as non-obvious signs like behavior or emotional issues. Some signs of behavioral issues include the elder becoming withdrawn or emotionally agitated.

What are San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse Bedsores?

Bedsores are a form of a pressure ulcer that can occur on any part of the body.  These painful pressure ulcers occur because of friction, humidity or shearing forces and can easily be prevented by keeping the patient from lying in one specific spot for a long period of time.  If left untreated, bedsores may become infected and can even lead to death.

Why should I get a San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

Because elder abuse cases can be difficult and emotional to deal with, a San Francisco Elder Abuse Lawyer can be of great assistance since they can provide you with answers to any questions that you may have as well as provide you with legal advice ad representation throughout the entire case.

What can a San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse victim receive when filing a case?

As a victim of elder abuse at a San Francisco nursing home, you are entitled to receive any expenses for past and future medical treatments as well as compensation for the pain and suffering endured.


Who can sue for a San Francisco Nursing Home Abuse case?

Most often than not, victims of elder abuse may have a hard time reporting the incident.  If the victim does not bring the abuse to the attention of the nursing home director or even police, the victim’s family members have the right to report the abuse if they have witnessed it or have noticed visible or emotional signs of the abuse.


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