Nursing Home – Elder Abuse with Falling

Once an elderly person resides at a nursing home, they should be provided with the care and attention that they need and deserve. This includes no physical or verbal abuse as well as keeping their living conditions sanitary, clean and unobstructed.  What most do not realize, is that if an elder individual falls at a nursing home due to the neglect or because their living quarters were not cleared of clutter, this could lead the home to being penalized for elder abuse.

If an elder accidentally falls, they could be subjected to broken bones and infections.  If the resident has previous medical conditions such as arthritis, balance disorders, partial or complete blindness or if they are taking prescribed medications, they may be more susceptible to falling.  Nursing homes have a legal obligation to make sure that those with medical or mobility limitations are provided with additional care when getting in and out of bed as well as when they need to leave their room.

If someone you know has fallen due to lack of proper attention, contact our San Francisco Elder Abuse Lawyers today for more information.